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Fluid Motion Factor: A Specific/Targeted Chat With Steven Yellin
May 15, 2014 07:57 PM PDT
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This Podcast is a very specific/targeted chat about the Fluid Motion Factor with creator Steven Yellin currently at  David Leadbetter's World Headquarters.

To those who have heard my privious chats with Steven about the Fluid Motion Factor, I guarentee THIS is a very targeted piece that promises to change how you view your golf swing.

The 9 minute Podcast covers:

  • Why a golf swing can't break down
  • Why Muscle Memory is like having money in the bank
  • Mind/Body relationship: Specifically what takes place to produce a swing. Good or bad
  • Guaging your swing based on the Fluid Motion Factor
  • Weekend Warriors: A 'Tip'
  • How a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame discribes the Fluid Motion Factor
  • How to find out more about the Fluid Motion Factor
Tribute to a Very Special Man
May 16, 2015 02:22 PM PDT
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This 4+ minute clip is a tribute to a very special man - Ralph DeNicolo,PGA who was perhaps the most important person in my adult life. In fact I question if I would be alive had it not been for this incredible man. In addition to his service as an assistant professional at the Manchester Country Club in Manchester, CT Ralph's tenure spanned 45 years until his retirement as Director of Golf at MCC.

I dedicated the Lesson Tee Show on April 22nd to Ralph who passed away in July of 2014. Unaware of his passing, I found out while doing research for an article.

I share this out of respect for Ralph, his family and anyone fortunate enough to have known Ralph DeNicolo.

August 11, 2010 04:54 PM PDT

Gregor Jamieson, Dir. of golf at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, Orlando, FL and home to 22 international tour players. A couple of Gregor's current students include Retief Goosen and Helen Alfredsson. In addition to Nona, Gregor was Dir. of Golf at the Isleworth Club for 7 years as well, sister club of Lake Nona.

This is a great interview with some insight into Gregor's work with clients. Enjoy!

Part 2: Peter Murphy on the Back Swing and Your Feet
September 19, 2013 12:48 PM PDT
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Peter Murphy, Director of Instruction at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch outside of Dallas, TX and renown International Teaching Pro working with players on all tours across the world chatted with me about the lower body, footwork and getting the club started correctly.

Peter's understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing is well known world wide. He's served as the coach for such international golf teams as Japan, China, India, Venezuela and Morocco to name a few.

This Podcast with Peter and Part 1 with Gary Cardoza offer alot of insight for golfers of all skill levels when it comes to the lower body. As Peter indicates; one component is how the lower body, (feet), can affect the take away. Something many golfers may not have considered. Your lower body is critical to building and maintaining a consistent swing.

Peter Murphy can be heard every few weeks on the LESSON TEE SHOW , so tune in every Wednesday 10-11am ET by clicking on the link then AGAIN on the flashing ON AIR button.

Special ALERT: Peter and Gary join me, post Tour Championship on the TEE Wednesday Sept. 25th!

The Lesson Tee Radio/Internet Show, Wednesday 10-11am ET. Click link then again on the flashing ON AIR button of the WNRI.com radio website.

'See' you on the TEE!

Part 1 of 2: Footwork and Your Swing with Gary Cordoza, Dir.of Inst'n at Joe and Leighs
September 16, 2013 11:21 AM PDT
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Part 1: My chat with Gary Cordoza, Director of Instruction, Joe and Leighs Golf Performance Center is very revealing about how important your feet and footwork are to your golf swing and success on the course.

Spending a week watching the top 100 PGA TOUR players at TPC Boston and the Deutsche Bank Championship, as a retired teaching pro, my focus was to watch only the feet of players both on the practice range and on the course.

My goal was to see if I could discern swing issues the players might have based on their footwork.

Gary's take on footwork and the swing, and more, is revealing.

Part 2, To come within a week-09/22/13, finds me talking with Peter Murphy, International Teaching Professional.

Murphy has, and does, work with players on all major tours across the world.

A 15 year veteran with Hank Haney and Director of Instruction at the Haney facility in the Dallas area, Director of Golf Development for the country of Morocco and sucess as international coach to teams Japan, China, India, Venezuaela and Morocco plus his work with rising junior golf stars with such players as rookie PGA TOUR player Patrick Reed make Peter's insight valuable.

Peter's selfless sharing of wisdom on the Lesson Tee Radio/Internet Show gives listeners a chance to gain insight into their golf swing from one of the best.

Join us on the Lesson Tee Show every Wednesday 10-11am ET. Simply click on the link, then again on the flashing ON AIR button.

Enjoy and we'll 'see' you on the TEE!

Golf Swing Motion/Tension and much more food for thought
February 18, 2012 03:45 AM PST

This short clip taken from the myNEGM Lesson Tee Radio/Internet Show offers up a healthy dose of swing reality for all golfers regardless of your skill level. At only 1:49 you may just find your swing issues.

Patriot Award Winner Bob Beach and 2 Other Pros Talk of Work with Wounded Warriors
January 06, 2014 01:17 PM PST
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Bob Beach, PGA is the winner of the PGA's 2013 National Patriot Award for his tireless efforts in bringing golf to Wounded Warriors, Veterans and others that are disabled.

Beach, Kirk Lucas and Daren MacKinnon, PGA Professionals all, have donated their time and are making a difference.

Beach is head professional at Braintree Municipal Golf Course. He began his work with disabled veterans in 1991 and his efforts are hailed around the country with more and more PGA Pros getting involved working with Wounded Warriors, Vets and the Disabled. Bob served on the National PGA Disabled Golf Committee from 2009-2012. He conducted a staggering 46 free clinics, incorporating New England PGA Professionals, bringing the game to Disabled Veterans in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Kirk Lucas owns and operates 2 teaching facilities in Warrenton and McLean Virginia which is outside Washington DC. Kirk works with Salute Military Golfers Association,(SMGA), creator Jim Estes, PGA hosting clinics and outings for Wounded Warriors. This past summer the SMGA hosted a weekend golf extravaganza with renown professionals and celebrities from sports and entertainment. With the help of sponsors, the SMGA Chapter raised over $300,000 as the result of this event.

Daren MacKinnon is assistant golf professional at Pine Oaks, teaching professional and lead club fitter for both Joe and Leigh's Golf Performance Center and Joe and Leigh's Discount Golf Pro Sho.
Daren is currently one of a few professionals to have been certified to help the disabled, regardless of disability, be correctly fit to golf equipment so they can enjoy the game of golf. This new and fast growing club fitting niche is Adaptive Club Fitting. In addition, Daren helps Bob Beach with many of his free clinics including those to encourage those with autism to enjoy this wonderful game.

The Podcast was edited from The Lesson Tee Radio/Internet Show.
Currently on hiatus, the TEE begins year #6 the end of January 2014 and can be heard online at WNRI.COM and on air at AM 1380 WNRI NewsTalk Radio.
The Lesson Tee airs live every Wednesday 10-11am ET. If you are on Face Book, look for us at either: Lesson Tee or myNGEM Lesson Tee Gophers. Friend us and you'll automatically be notified of year 6's start date.


PGA Teacher of the Year John Shelden
May 23, 2011 05:29 PM PDT

2009-2010 PGA Teacher of the Year for the California Desert Section of the PGA talks with Steve about common swing and shot problems most golfers are confronted with every day. A great listen for ANY golfer. ENJOY!

From a Student's mouth: The Right Teacher Can Help You Love Playing Golf
July 29, 2013 07:32 AM PDT
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A student of mine chatted with me on The Lesson Tee Show recently about one of my biggest teching topics: Why finding the right teaching professional can make all the difference in helping you enjoy the game of golf more.

While fast paced, this 51/2 minute Podcast will tell you, from a student's perspective, what is to be gained from developing a working relationship with a teaching professional.

All golfers, regardless of skill level, need to give this a listen!

Cheers and enjoy!

Kris Tschetter Wins First Event of 2015 Season on Legends Tour
May 28, 2013 06:26 AM PDT
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Kris Tschetter won the Walgreens Charity Classic, the first LPGA Tour's Legends Tour. The 50 year old got in as first alternate and made good on her entry into the event.

Kris has become a good friend and visitor to the Lesson Tee Show.


In this 2nd part of my interview with LGA TOUR Veteran Kris Tschetter.

This Podcast offers Kris' view about how the LPGA TOUR has improved over the past several years.

We chat about what women golfers need to do in order to improve their golf games and swings. 

I talked with Kris about a problem unique to women players many teaching professionals sometimes simply will not address during golf lessons with lady golfers.

Ladies, this Podcast is for YOU!

Kris Tschetter is a $3 million winner on the LPGA TOUR and author of a book that chronicles her close friendship with one of Golf's iconic figures in BEN HOGAN. The book; Mr. Hogan, The Man I Knew is a great read for anyone who has heard the name Ben Hogan.

Listen live  to The Lesson Tee Radio/Internet Show every Wednesday 10-11am ET at WNRI. Click the flashing ON AIR button and you'll be 'On the Tee'.

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